What is a Doug?

Well its pretty simple really.... Doug's are small clouds made from recycled sari silk by the women of Wardha region in India, but their impact is anything but small.

Once upon a Doug is a community project that supports the people of this cotton growing region in India.  Farmers are forced to take high interest loans to buy seed, pesticides and fertilizers. Poor rain yields in a single season can spell disaster for a farmer. Leaving them in crippling unmanageable debt.

The stats are horrifically sad and pay testament to the dire need of awareness for these struggling communities. Over 300,000 farmers have committed suicide in India in the last 15 years alone and Wardha in one of the hardest hit areas.

The accumulated debt isn’t simply erased on the death of the farmer, it is passed onto the wives and children that remain and becomes their burden to repay. With only income from farming they are left with little opportunity to pay down this debt. This is where Doug’s come in…..!

Doug’s are made from scrap cotton collected from local factories and made into clouds by the wives of the farmers. Each one unique. They are not only a symbol of the weather but one of hope, each with its own silver lining.

The women are trained and given the materials needed to make the clouds and they are paid for everyone they produce. They make the Doug’s in their spare time to create income that assists to pay down the debt and provide healthcare and education for their families.

100% of profits from this project are feed back into these communities to help support local projects………that’s a win win win!

You too can help this community heal by supporting Doug’s.  They are perfect item to have by your register and at a low price point make the perfect impulse purchase. Your customers would be delighted knowing they have helped service a need in community struck with such tragic economic hardships.

I wear my Doug proudly as a hair tie. How will you use your Doug?