Kezia's story
Days of my childhood at Dr. Grahams Homes


I remember the day I was first brought to Dr Grahams Homes I was lost and confused as to what is going to happen to me; also, nervous. If only I knew that the most beautiful phase of my life has just begun. I remember the day I made my first friends at school in class 5 and how we used to laugh and share stories till we fell off to sleep.

Only a moment back I was going to give up on my education as my parents were having a hard time trying to pay my fees but now, I was studying in the midst of beautiful hills and also had great friends in an environment which is most suitable for studies.

My cottage ‘Thorburn’ was huge and had everything that I ever needed and also, I had a new big family, houseparent’s that took care of me and older and younger sisters. Growing up I became used to the environment and also joined extracurricular activities of my choice. I remember playing basketball, throwball, volleyball for my cottage and also running to the swimming pool in the summers, the food was also great.

Soon I fell in love with my life at school so much that I wouldn’t even want to go home for winter vacations and as I would go, I would want to return. I had friends who also were sponsored and had a hard life at home. We would write to our sponsors once a month and sometimes even get to meet them. I felt that I belonged somewhere and also very blessed. There are a lot of things that I wouldn’t have realized if I hadn’t joined Dr Grahams homes.

I had an interest in art that I didn’t know of and also took part in many exhibitions. I joined the choir and participated in various performances. I was always in the top 10 in my rank in my studies surprisingly but when I was at home I was struggling to study. I remember in my last year the amount of sadness I had knowing my days in school were going to come to an end.

I would try to take note of everyday things because I didn’t want to forget how beautiful it was. I got really nostalgic and till now all those beautiful memories flow back to me. But then I had to continue studying in Kolkata where Dr Graham Homes was supporting me for college and also giving me a place to stay in the Birkmyre hostel where we had all facilities.

Before I had entered Dr Graham Homes, I was a child who had a doubtful future and wasn’t confident but the moment I joined Dr Graham Homes I have always been blessed and grateful. Now I’m 24 years old, I’m a graduate in the bachelors of arts and also working in a reputed company in Tamil Nadu. Now alone I can look after my family and myself, none of this if I hadn’t been helped by the school. I couldn’t have been any luckier than this and I thank Dr Graham Homes for that. My parents are proud of me and whenever I go, I’m proud of the person I’ve become and also proud of being a member of Dr Graham Homes.

I hope that more children can get the blessings that I have had because every child deserves proper education and upbringing and I pray for that every night. Dr Graham Homes has been providing for that, but due to the pandemic they are suffering the crises and children are not getting the funds for their education and it’s hard for them to educate more children. I pray that these bad times come to an end and the children don’t lose out on their education due to the pandemic.