Giving Hands from The Home of Hope

Asha Niketans Kolkata is another great community initiative that we have the pleasure to support.  In 1964 a Frenchman by the Name of Dr Jean Vanier had his life passion awoken when he shared his home with two intellectually disabled people. He went on to found L’arche (The Ark) international that has over 147 communities in 35 countries. In India there are five Asha Niketans (Home of Hope) and the one located in Kolkata holds a special place in our hearts. The Kolkata Asha Niketans was founded in 1973 with a mission to restore the dignity of people with learning disabilities and to establish their rightful place in the societies they are living in.

It is located in the center of the poorer urban neighborhood of Tangra. They provide much needed and underfunded assistance to the disability community in the form of accommodation, workshops, day care and outreach support. All vital services that would otherwise not be available to these amazing individuals.

As part of the workshops run at Asha Niketans they create candles, tie-dye, batik and paper craft products. At Skyira we have chosen to sell “giving hands candles” on there behalf. These candles perfectly symbolized how support can be as simple as a giving hand. The candles are designed to have 100% of the product returned to the earth. No plastics or anything not biodegradable.

All profits from the sales of these gorgeous candles go back to support Asha Niketans Kolkata to help them provide the many essential services they do.

You too can support the Asha Niketans community.  The giving hands candles are the perfect item to have by your register and at a low price point make the perfect impulse purchase. Your customers would be delighted knowing they have helped a community service provider and all the good work they do.